Sunday, February 7, 2010

Motorola Krave ZN4 Review

Exactly a year after the attractive Motorola flip phone MING, Moto eventually led to the U.S. version of the device. The new Motorola Krave ZN4 for Verizon Wireless offers the same design, but communicators and Star Trek, but it added new features, offering Creative Design, adjustable and easy to use, intuitive interface. We had a few complaints - as long as Wi-Fi, no camera editing and web browsing and a keyboard for acclimation - but the Krave remains sharp and devices that meet certain is the dialogue. Convenient productivity and costs $ 149 with a two-year contract is reasonable.

Even two years after its predecessor, and the appearance of the factory was still sporting one of the Motorola Krave ZN4 mobile phone, especially around the most. The elegant and compact shape (4.13 inches by 2 inches by 0.75 inches and 4.59 ounces), vibrant touch screen, as well as the transparent plastic cover Krave sleek appearance and in the future. While some may question why you have to worry about, Moto said that the goal is not only to protect the touch screen, but the flip phone Krave aesthetics. This may sound a bit old, but we eat everything.

However, apart from just looking cool, Krave can be used to cover. In fact, the average surface of the Touch, which can be used without access to the choice of Flippin is open. You even get some feedback by clicking the right-hand contact. All this is possible thanks to the fact that the network can be embedded in a creative cover (mixed with gray eyes on the screen, you can not keep the light on to see it). The same network audio speaker Krave, which in turn is seated one end of the lid.

Clear screen protects the Krave, if you're through.
Moto does not allow all functions via the contact surface, as the enterprise engaged in the research field of user-defined functions in its sole discretion. Their music, V Cast Mobile TV, photo folders, and VZ Navigator functions. Such Goodies useful if we can all conclude that it is V Cast streaming video option.

Unlike I, the Krave can call using voice dialing, without opening the lid. Simply press the joystick to the right spine and you can speak a name or phone number of the person you want around. In addition, you can also call the voice mail and most recently, some of you. Once connected, you can mute the call, contact the online audio and at the end of the Bluetooth headset. And yes, you are able to meet all the commands without opening the lid. Keep in mind that if you start a conversation with the cover closed, the sound channeled through the speaker. Turn off the speakers are connected, only the open lid.

2.8-inch screen and measures to support 65.000 colors (240x400 pixels). This bright and beautiful as the eye-popping colors, graphics and sharper images, and text can be read. You can change the brightness, backlighting time, the clock format and font size Dial. Folder shortcuts in standby mode, you'll see a bar messages, Dialpad, the main menu and contact list. You can also access the menu by clicking on the screen. Screen is hard to see in direct sunlight, but it is not unusual for a mobile phone.

Home and Power buttons sit on the Krave's screen.
Unlike Linux is based on the I, the Krave does not use the operating system by a third party, so it is not really a smartphone. But this is really all a question a portable device, which offers a variety of functions, together with an intuitive and attractive. We are pleased that the Krave ditches unintuitive and poorly designed menu interface Verizon uses almost all of its phones in the coming years. Instead, the main menu shows 12 icons, which sit under the bar. We want you to go to one of the many functions of the button, and that all the multimedia features are not buried under a submenu. In addition, it is easy to move backwards through the subfolders.

Touch interface ZN4 Krave is accurate and meets the delay. In addition, feedback and contacts with glare screen, you pressed the letter. Krave does not come with a pen, but we have no gripes is a navigational menu. Like many other touch-screen, you can browse through long lists by moving a finger up and down the screen. Fluid motion without any sudden movements.

Memory card slot is located on the right spine Krave's.
The numbers on the screen, Dialpad is easy, but easy to use. Option "menu and open up to you my last word. In addition, you can love the "menu of your best friends. Touch the key to great numbers, but the text is a small text. You will also find a link, and when it comes to the telephone, you can activate the speakerphone with one click. Please note that ends the call to close the lid.

Although you can tap out messages using the standard nine-digit keypad and predictive of the motorcycle is not really necessary because the Krave offers a full QWERTY keyboard. It is convenient, of course, but we have feelings about design. He felt relatively spacious - admiration for the feat considering Display is quite small touch screens, and everywhere - so we will never be as close to the action. But the negative side, keep your hands to feel a little confused, because you need to reach your finger around the opening. We have become accustomed to it eventually, but we think that the people may be more difficult for smaller hands. In addition, you can insert one finger and hold the phone in the second half. In any case, we do not have a category misdials and quickly. If you're going forward, it offers voice and attempts to determine.

Krave has a 3.5-mm headset jack.
ZN4 is composed of three separate keys of a keyboard punctuation, "@" button, the room, a good book, clear, and the control and shift back button. You can use the additional symbols, and through the middle of the keyboard. Since the acceleration of the device, you can change the standard and QWERTY keyboard, the telephone.

The above shows, power management, and "Home" button takes you to the standby screen. They are a little small, but they are comfortable. Keep in mind that they are hiding behind the cover when it is closed. On the left side you will find the screen-lock switch, control, voice dialing, memory card slot and shot. Situated on the spine is 3.5 mm headset jack (yay)! The Rocker and the volume of the micro-USB. The latter is also quite a charger. The camera lens, no flash, or Self-portrait mirror is located above the back of the device and the speaker is based only on the bottom.

Krave is a 1000-contact phone number and e-mail address space for each entry. You can save callers to favorites and you can set them to a photo or one of 24 polyphonic ringtones. Requirements include vibrate mode, text and multimedia messages, calendar, alarm clock, computer, notepad, world clock, and wait for me.

In addition, you will find basics Stereo Bluetooth, voice dialing, USB Mass Storage, PC synchronization, and access to Verizon's visual voicemail feature. E-mail a decent choice, but at the time of writing, they are not complete. Krave provides access to Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, AIM and POP3 accounts. Overall, this is an easy process, because the ZN4 is forcing you to go through a web portal, Verizon (then the possibility exists, however). Indeed, we have a Yahoo email account for our second. You can use your Gmail is good, but must go through the Internet. This is a strange and a little inconvenience. Unfortunately, IMAP4 accounts is limited to Outlook Web Access (OWA). Moto exchange is fully supported, but the company has not determined the date. Thus, you can not synchronize contacts and courteously. This is not a problem for many people, but at least it is now a serious worker bees must look elsewhere.

Krave offers tons of multimedia options, black-and-see V Cast Mobile TV keynote speaker. Unfortunately, not yet, be the service in San Francisco, (possibly 2009), but we've seen used in other cities and enjoy the experience. Clip running TV-like experience in landscape format. And when the lid is open, Krave balances on its side if you look at it.

Since the phone is EV-DO, Verizon V ZN4 supports the role of streaming services. Options and other channels, such as the role of the video phone, but the desire to provide an improved user interface, with its unique design. You can view the clip in either portrait or landscape mode and allows you to switch the two directions of acceleration. You can stop the movie and ignore the video using the controls on the screen.

Music I can use Verizon's V CAST Music with Rhapsody service to download video clips in the air. When you save a lot of songs to recommend the service, which is based on more to buy. As in other V CAST Music phone, the player features are limited to Shuffle and Repeat modes and playlists, but the iPhone is responsible for the supply Krave stream "their" user interface. When you turn the phone on the side, you can review the different icons to choose the songs you want album. Experience is not as fluid as the iPhone - you must enter the individual icons instead of reading with your fingers - but it's still cool.

Krave has no camera. , No flash or self-portrait mirror.
Unfortunately, the 2-megapixel camera is very unfortunate. Not only we had hoped, at least in 3.2-megapixel shooter, but we are also surprised at the complete lack of editing. The only way to have a digital zoom, it can not change your thoughts before the resolution and color tones. Chambers, at least to avoid the possibility. Multimedia resources are limited to 20 seconds, but you can save an hour in normal mode.

At the top of Krave take decent photos of colors and noise Thumb. Flash is not, however, that you need full coverage. In addition, Vanity Tricky shots without a self-portrait mirror. At the top, Krave offers an excellent version of the image. Just turn the phone on the side, turn off the feature, and you can see all your shots in a row. When you are finished shooting, you can transfer them to a computer or printer using Bluetooth or USB cable, transfer them to a multimedia message or save them in a web album.

Krave provide a satisfactory picture quality.
Chronically lost, Krave supports Verizon's VZ Navigator service. You can send a sound, movement, and local maps and search for points of interest database. Krave also adds the ability to find films shown at the local level. VZ Navigator uses to accelerate work in both portrait and landscape mode.

We had a little tower on the Krave's browser. On the contrary, it is also integrated into the touch interface and it uses the acceleration. He is accurate, fast response time, and we are no problems, we are uncomfortable with Samsung Glyde Verizon and Sprint Samsung Instinct. Krave offers a unique in your browser, which we find useful and annoying. When you view the page circular arrow icon at the upper end, it appears. The logo is intended for use pointer - you can not just fingerprints, but you can also use the arrows to select links. Most of the time it works well, and we acknowledge that this innovative technology, but sometimes he makes the cumbersome experience. For example, it is difficult choices on the page are overcrowded. It is not perfect, but the only similarities to Moto. The default browser, mobile sites, but it does not display the entire HTML pages as well.

You can personalize the Krave selected wallpapers and ringtones, and can enter a personal banner. More options and ringtones can be downloaded using a Web browser. Krave does not include any games, but you can buy a selection of names Verizon.

We tested the frequency, dualmode (CDMA: 800/1900, EV-DO) Krave ZN4 San Francisco using Verizon Wireless service. Call quality is good. We had an open discussion, without interference, static, or face blackouts. In addition, there is no connection lag and dropped demands. The only complaint is that when our volume was the highest level - and it was a lot of noise - a little voice was distorted. But most of the time, hears the voice of nature.

At the end, they heard a huge issue. They have no problems hearing or understanding us, even if we are talking about that noisy place. Some of the report, some background hum, but others can not even tell we were using mobile phones. This automated system can call us, but the quality is better than we were inside. Speakers equally good calls, and calls can be made Bluetooth headset.

Cast streaming video is well satisfied. Video was fluid and we do not have any problems or questions. In addition to video and audio quickly became the measure on the screen. The rapid movement of a little more complicated, but it is not uncommon for 3G video streaming. However, we really love them, to see the film landscape with a phone based on its side. As mentioned above, we can not verify the role of television in San Francisco, but we have always been impressed by the quality of the video we have seen.

Music quality is quite good. Speakers behind the only decent production, but there is no sound, warmth and bass level is negligible. Like many music phones, it is a good short his release, but we do not Chuck MP3 player depends on us. Is there a better impression of the headphones. The song was downloaded some ice cream, it takes about 2 minutes to obtain a 3.7MB track. If not, EV-DO connection was relatively strong.

The battery is rated Krave ZN4 Motorola 4.2 hours of talk time and 20.8 days of standby. Our tests revealed Krave ZN4 is a time of 6 hours 6 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, Krave digital SAR 1.16 W at kilograms.